To create a Karoo, you need a bee, a vygie, and a whisper ..
.. when bees are scarce, only a whisper.
- adapted from a poem by Emily Dickinson

Our dream

To introduce the Great Karoo in all its simplicity, with its secrets and stories, to everybody who needs to stop the clock. When one becomes silent long enough in this land of space, you can hear the heartbeat of the earth once again. It is a place where time does not exist.

Our promise

We are proudly South African and have a passion for the Great Karoo, its people, unique vegetation and animals. We are passionate conservationists of nature and would like to share the knowledge acquired by years of experience by means of hiking trails, horse-riding expeditions, workshops and Karoo tours. For us, it is important that Heuningland will be a place that people can visit simply to be.

Who we are

Heuningland is a little piece of heaven between Beaufort West and Fraserburg on the Oukloof Road. We border on the south-western side of the Karoo National Park. For years we have been dreaming to establish a self-sufficient lifestyle here. After many other adventures, the time has come to leave the ordinary road maps and move over to the heart map of the Karoo.
The name Heuningland has been chosen because of what “honey” symbolises for us:

  • 100% natural
  • Original
  • Healing
  • Promise
  • Simplicity
  • Productivity

Heuningland is guarded and cherished by the mountains, and is fed by many memories, two strong boreholes and a great dream. The hiking trips and horse-riding expeditions will be the first steps towards our vision to settle here permanently.
One cannot go back to the time when millions of springbuck trekked over the vast Karoo plains, but the earth here still remembers. The memories of the earth are stowed in the ironstones of the Great Karoo. Come and sit on one, and remember with us.

The Karoo is not so much a place as it is a feeling. It enters through the skin,
 taking its time to unfold in your bloodstream and when it is time to leave,
you realize it has taken hold of your soul.  
- Anonymous, The bar in Matjiesfontein