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Richtersveld Hiking Tour

Tour Information


6 days / 5 nights 


Camping with own tents and bedding

Next tours

11-16 September 2023
11-16 September 2024


R8 645 per person (2023)
R9 375 per person (2024)

Max Amount of Persons

Minimum of 12 and maximum of 18 hikers

Practical Information:


  • 3 meals per day – from dinner on day 1 until breakfast on day 6
  • Coffee and tea with breakfast and dinner
  • All park fees and accommodation
  • For lunch you will build your own sandwich with supplied ingredients. 
  • The transport of all the tents, clothing and chairs to the next stop-over.

What to pack:


  • Tent and bedding
  • Headlamp and batteries
  • Comfortable tekkies/Trail runners and clothes (we do not recommend hiking boots)
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Warm clothes for the nights
  • Light windbreaker
  • Bathing Suit 
  • Eating utensils, cup, tupperware container with lid for takeaway meals 
  • Towel and toiletries
  • Camping Chair
  • Camera & Binoculars (optional)
  • Reading Books
  • Drinks and snacks 
  • Swimsuit
  • Cutlery, cup and Tupperware with lid for take away sandwich.
  • Towel and toiletries
  • Chair
  • Camera and binoculars (optional)
  • Book and cards
  • Drinks and snacks

Tour plan

Come hike with us in the beautiful and expansive Richtersveld National Park while you experience the silence. The views on this hike are unmatched.
Day 1: De Hoop
Cold showers and flushing toilets. 

Everyone arrives at 15h00 and relaxes next to the beautiful river.  We enjoy our dinner while the rough mountains change colour at sunset. 

Our vehicles stay here as we sleep here again on the last evening. 

Day 2: Tattasberg Viewing Point


Bush camp, everything is transported

Shower: 2 liter ice cream container

Today’s route is a jeep track. ±12km is close to the Orange River, then we go South. From the river we climb approximately 300 m over 9km.

We hike past the old diamond mine prospecting ditch and then up in a wide kloof until we reach the Tattasberg viewing point where we overnight. This is with special permission that we are allowed to camp here surrounded by gigantic granite boulders.  The sunset and sunrise over these red rocks is breathtaking.


Day 3: Kokerboomkloof
12km / 6-9 hours

Flushing toilets, we transport everything.

Shower = 2 liter ice cream container

There is no road here. We climb 10 m up onto the boulders and hike amongst an open kloof. We climb Tattasberg as high as is safe – baboon business! Tattasberg is visible from many roads in the park as well as from Namibia.

You can leave your bag down below. The peak is full of massive granite boulders and the views leave you breathless.

Then we hike further amongst the top (you can see beyond Aussenkehr) until we reach the triangle beacon, approximately 1,5km where you will sign the registry.

Now we descend down the mountain carefully. We pass beautiful quiver trees.

Day 4: Richtersbergcamp

15km, 9km no road, 6 km jeep track

Cold showers and flushing toilets

No one knows how many people have hiked this kloof. Not even the rangers are aware that you can hike here.

We hike in the riverbed and down waterfalls twice. Each one, 10km, you might need to go on your bum about 4 times.

The last 7km is  a jeep track close to the Orange River.

Day 5: De Hoop

20km, half jeep track

Cold showers and flushing toilets

It is 3km to De Hoop and then we hike up the Abiekwa river on a  4×4 route.

Later our path will take us over a neck back to the Ganakourie river. The shepherd that showed me this route last walked here 24 years ago! Except for prospectors, he doesn’t think others have been here.

In the Ganakourie river there is no path and we follow the riverbed until we reach the Abiekwa river. From there we take the jeep track until we reach the Orange river and the last 7 km (opposite direction as day 2) back until we reach the De Hoop campsite.

Back at our vehicles, we enjoy the last togetherness around the campfire next to the river.

Day 6: Home
We sleep next to the river at De Hoop so that the tour guide can accompany everyone out.

After a hearty breakfast, we say goodbye until next time.


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