“The Karoo is not so much a place as it is a feeling. It enters through the skin,
taking its time to unfold in your bloodstream and when it is time to leave, you realize it has taken hold of your soul.”

– Anonymous, The Bar in Matjiesfontein

The Great Karoo in all its simplicity, with its secrets and stories, is now accessible to everybody who needs to stop the clock. When one becomes silent long enough in these spaces, you can hear the heartbeat of the earth once again. It is a place where time does not exist.

We are proudly South African and have a passion for the Great Karoo, its people, unique vegetation and animals. We are passionate conservationists of nature and would like to share the knowledge acquired through years of travel and touring experience by offering hiking trails, karoo tours as well as tailor made safaris to any destination in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique & Botswana.


African Safaris

These tours allow us to traverse through forests, over floodplains and grasslands and enjoy, sunrise and sunsets in some of the most beautiful parts of Southern Africa. 

hiking Tours

Experience true solitude, freedom and peace on our hiking tours. We offer day hikes and full moon hikes in the Karoo and day hikes in the Richtersveld.

Karoo Tours

We are passionate conservationists of nature and would like to share the knowledge acquired by years of experience by means of  Karoo tours. These tours include interesting destinations with workshops native to the Karoo.

Dié Karoo staptog is een van daardie  dinge wat jy doen en eers ná die tyd behoorlik besef hoekom jy dit gedoen het. Dis ’n ervaring wat jou lewe verander.”


“Ek kom wéér en wéér, want die verskil in die seisoene is só mooi. Jy moet eenvoudig die roete in die lente én herfs stap.”


You opened my mind. The extraordinary beauty, space and silence of this magical place just lifts my spirit.


The Richtersveld Hiking Tour has been a highlight beyond my dreams. Thank you sincerely for making this place accessible to us. What a wonderful group of friends to find. 


‘n Ongeloof-like ervaring om die Richtersveld in al sy fasette te ervaar. Dis ‘n landskap met sy eie bekoring en soveel fasette.