Wandering the Wild: Damaraland, Kaokoveld & Etosha

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Wandering the Wild: camping tours in Damaraland, the Kaokoveld and Etosha

When visiting  these awe-inspiring areas, you are entering and experiencing one of the great variable deserts of the world. Namibia boasts an array of habitats and vegetation, a vast mix of desert, semi- desert and savannahs.


Damaraland is a mountainous region in the north-central part of Namibia, home to the Damara people, as well as a range of wildlife such as elephant, rhino, zebra and lion, which although adapted to desert living, tend to struggle to scratch out a tenuous existence in this barren landscape.

The Brandberg, Namibia’s highest mountain, showcases thousands of ancient rock paintings – most notably the White Lady. Twyfelfontein is also worth a visit where you may view extraordinary and well-preserved Bushmen engravings, considered the best on the continent. You may also visit the Petrified Forest, a stark area dating back millions of years, presenting an awe-inspiring view of ancient fossilised trees.

The Kaokoveld

Probably one of the last remaining true wildernesses in the world, the Kaokoveld is situated in the far north-west of Namibia. Bordered by the Kunene River in the north, the Atlantic in the west and the Central North Region in the east, it is an area both desolate and secluded, beautiful and dramatic in scenery and sensation.

It is a place of great peace and silence, a crenelated landscape consisting of mountains, valleys and dry river beds. It is also one of the few areas where animals still roam freely, mostly unrestricted by human interference.

Notable points include:
  • The summers in the Kaokoveld can be very hot. Temperatures of up to 40°C can be reached. The average annual rainfall varies greatly from west (nearly no precipitation) to east (up to 400 mm).
  • It is home to the Ovahimba, the last true nomads of Namibia, who on search for water and good pastures trek through the area.
  • Plants and animals have adapted perfectly to the climatic conditions of the Kaokoveld. Highlights are the desert-dwelling elephants and lions, found especially along the dry river beds. Baobab trees are also quite common. 
  • At the Kunene River there is an abundance of water, and therefore an enormous diversity of flora and fauna. However, swimming is not recommended as the Kunene is home to a large number of crocodiles.
  • Visitors should not travel the Kaokoveld without a 4×4.

Etosha Pan

As you travel further north towards Etosha National Park, you will find a place that offers a complete contrast of wide open grasslands, a massive pan that covers 4,731km² and large camel thorn trees mixed with Mopani trees. This diverse vegetation accounts for the abundance of wildlife that thrives in the park. You can expect to see lion, elephant, leopard, giraffe, cheetah, hyena, springbok, two kinds of zebra, eland, and many more species of wildlife.

Our exceptional guided tours include a 4×4 tour and comfortable camping in tents.

Duration: 13 days /12 nights

Format: A guided, self-drive (4×4) tour; comfortable tented accommodation

Our next tours: 28 May – 9 June 2022

Cost: R23 850 per person

Max Amount of Persons: 16 guests

  • Three meals per day (from dinner Day 1 to breakfast Day 13)
  • The services of a professional tour guide, camp chef and photographic tutor
  • All park entry fees
  • Accommodation for 12 nights (camping)
  • Professional in-car radios
  • The use of tents, crockery, and cutlery

Not included:
  • Personal vehicle costs like fuel, border tariffs, etc
  • Personal drinks and snacks
  • Bedding
  • Visa (South African citizens don’t need one)
  • Covid test (You must have a negative Covid PCR test result no older than seven days – without it, you won’t be allowed across the border. NOTE: These regulations may change; make sure you have the latest information.

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